C Level One Test

C Level One Test

Welcome to the final test of your understanding of the introductory course for the C programming Language. This is the final test for the C Level One course. C is perhaps the most significant language of our time, in that it has formed the basic foundation for almost all of the languages that came after it. This test is designed to identify your level of understanding of the basics of the C Programming Language. Pass it and get a certificate!

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Course Text:

C Primer Plus latest(3rd Edition +) Stephen Prata The Waite Group 1-57169-161-8 more...

Course Test Coverage:

  1. History, Environments, Reasons, Understanding, Components, Program Development
  2. Keywords
  3. Functions, User Defined Functions vs Standard Functions, Scope, Basic Syntax, Escape Sequences, Punctuation, Special Characters
  4. Data Types, char, int, float, printf, scanf, Preprocessor
  5. Storage Class Specifiers, C Operators
  6. Flow Control, Looping, Switch/Case, Break, Continue, NULL, Pointers, User Defined Functions, Prototypes, Calling, Definitions, Argument Passing, return
  7. Scope and Pointers continued, struct, File I/O, Menu Application

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