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Our easy-to-learn, proven trainning materials on hard-to-learn programming languages and cross-platform technologies such as C,C++ with COM/DCOM/ActiveX and CORBA, MS Access and Windows event programming, XML, more...


The integrated development environment with tools used to implement the InfoRise Method. more...

The InfoRise Method

The fast paced, highly refined, and wholistic system development methodology that we, ourselves use to build powerful business computing systems. The price includes the book and 40 hours of free consultation. more...


InfoRise Corporation's full suite of methods and tools used for efficient and effective delivery of software based systems. The price includes the book, the software, 40 hours of instruction and 40 hours of fre more...

InfoRise Corp. News and Press Releases

Inforise is happy to build and present an interim web presence for

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