Java Level One Test

Java Level One Test

Welcome to the final test of your understanding of the introductory course for the Java programming Language. This is the final test for the Java Level One course. Most new software is now written in some variation of Java. This test is designed to identify your level of understanding of the basics of the Java Programming Language. Pass it and get a certificate!

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Course Text:

Java in a Nutshell latest(3rd Edition +) David Flanagan O'Reilly 1-56592-262-X more...

Course Test Coverage:

  1. Java and OOP, AEIPI, class, package, Methods, Attributes, Object
  2. Wrapper Classes, String, StringBuffer
  3. appletviewer, Applets, AWT, Events, Images, Scope
  4. Streaming and File I/O
  5. PATH and CLASSPATH, javac, java
  6. Statements/Expressions
  7. Methods, IDT vs UDT
  8. Exceptions
  9. Collections and Arrays
  10. Scope, static, private, public
  11. System
  12. Beans, accessors and mutators, Properties

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