The InfoRise Method
The InfoRise Method is a set of techniques and steps that, in turn, drive the building and interconnecting of components for a new information system. The InfoRise Method is based on several years of practical experience in building information systems for the business community and includes many of the more profound and effective techniques and realizations of other experts of the past half century in a way that maximizes the modeler’s ability to capture stakeholder’s requirements and thereby maximize the modeled system’s potential.
The InfoRise Method Compared
Oftentimes, the best way to describe something complex is to say what it is not. The InfoRise Method is not a method which places as much emphasis on project management deliverables as so many commercially available system development methods do. Instead, The InfoRise Method places most of its emphasis on how the beneficiaries, or stakeholders drive the process of development. This driven approach starts with a full understanding of all the information needs of the beneficiaries because of their processes. This information then shows the analyst what processes need to be included in the new system in order to convert, calculate, or otherwise derive these outputs from the inputs of the new system.
Although the InfoRise Method may appear at first to resemble, it is in fact quite different from Information Engineering as described by Clyve Finkelstein and James Martin. Where they encourage the separation of the process model and the data model, The InfoRise Method insists on the integration of the two models. Through this integration from the start of the development cycle, The InfoRise Method seeks to bridge the infamous logical-physical gap oftentimes encountered by those following other methods. The InfoRise Method and the InfoRisegistics System maintain the connections of all components discovered through discussions with the new system’s stakeholders. Typically, Information Engineering prescribes to build a Logical Data Model separate from the Logical Process model and then to try and connect the two models prior to making the rather precarious jump over the logical-physical gap. The InfoRise Method not only connects the two models together from start to finish, it is this connecting of the two models that drives the building of the foundation of the physical model. The resulting logical model is easily transformed on a one to one basis to physical components for the new system at any stage in the project. This very fundamental difference cannot be underestimated. This constant connection of the system components provide profound benefits.
  • Immediate Tangible Results: Protoyping is a key ingredient of the InfoRise Method and can be performed at any stage of the project, resulting in pieces of the system being built along the way.
  • Compatibility With Structured or Object Oriented Design: The InfoRise Method continually supports the connection of data and processes thereby providing the basis for object oriented technology at any stage of a project.
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Processes and Data: The InfoRise Method results in a product that contains only those processes that are required to support the data and only those data elements that are required by those processes. Because of the constantly clear connections between external and internal processes and the data that those processes require, the resulting system is one of efficiency and lacking of internal processes that operate only on internal data.
  • Ability to Divide Work Load: Although it may seem contrary to the constant connecting of processes and data, through the InfoRise Method we can easily see the most efficient ways to divide the area under study into "super components" that can be assigned to different teams.
The InfoRise Method of Business Systems Development is meant to streamline the process of analyzing, designing and implementing a business system that is flexible enough to withstand the most extreme changes in the business under study and integrated enough to avoid redundant information handling. The underlying philosophy is unlike other methods' on the market today. The InfoRise Method does not involve the user in choices in direction nor is the InfoRise Method's primary focus on Management reporting of project progress other than through those deliverables that are an integral part of discovering and building the system. We at InfoRise want to provide the development team a set of highly efficient and effective techniques that will minimize the pain of change and increase your chances of success in the global economy.

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