The InfoRisect component helps to facilitate the InfoRisegistics System. It is a software tool that enables the user to complete all aspects of the InfoRisegistics System in a straight forward manner. It incorporates the steps of the InfoRise Method in a graphical user interface on the MS Windows operating system. It provides start-up templates and on-demand, context sensitive help that includes references to the steps within the InfoRise Method and aids the application builder each step of the way. The InfoRisect user is guided through the process of analysing a business area, acquiring and integrating software components from the open market, building the system components that are not purchased, testing the results, and tracking the delivery and support of the final system. In short, the InfoRisect component helps the user build the final system from purchased and customized software.

While other tools are available that support some aspects of InfoRisegistics and the InfoRise Method, InfoRisect is customized specifically for InfoRisegistics and the InfoRise Method.

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