The InfoRisegistics System
    The InfoRisegistics System is made up of several lightly integrated components. These components are:

  • The InfoRise Method --which is in turn made up of the RMAP, RSWAP, RBuild, RDeliver, and RSupport Phases. The InfoRise Method forms the core of the InfoRisegistics System as an optimized set of steps that we recommend be completed for the purpose of building an efficient, flexible, and powerful information system.
  • The theoretical basis for InfoRisegistics--parts from the three disciplines of Logistics, Mathematics, and Psychology. InfoRisegistics is based on the works of our own Business Computing Scientist Mark Rines, Psychologists George A. Miller and B. F. Skinner, Mathematician Edwin Codd, and Business Logisticians Ronald H. Ballou and Frank Buffa.
  • And the Inforisect suite of tools supporting the InfoRise Method.

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